2015 China Internet Security Forum held successfully

2015-07-24 19:13:22
On July 23rd, as a sub-forum, the 2015 China Internet Security Forum had been successfully held at the 2015 China Internet Conference, which was hosted by the Internet Society of China (ISC).

This forum took Build Internet Security Together, Escort Internet+ as its theme. Coming from the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs (CAC), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), CNCERT, China Institute of Contemporary and International Relations (CICIR) and China Internet network Information Center (CNNIC), the distinguished speakers along with well-known Internet experts delivered thoughtful speech at the session. .
In his speech, Li Xuelin, Deputy Director of the  Network Security Administrative Bureau of MIIT, pointed out that, the theme of this forum perfectly matches the new trend of the Internet cross-border integration, inaugurating a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. He analyzed the current Internet security situation by claiming four aspects of risks and problems existing in current China. First of all, Internet security threat is complicated and variable. Serious Internet security loopholes appear frequently, and the Internet attack activities become increasingly frequent as well, with more complicated and subtle means. Secondly, network security technology is still relatively weak in our country while the core technology and key equipment are manipulated by other countries, and the network security solution methods are insufficient, which will lead to  ineffectively cope with the high-grade network security problems. Thirdly, the laws and regulations regarding network security are not sound enough, especially towards data security and the protection of users’ personal information. Currently, security problems like the network data collection and flow are getting especially obvious that users’ personal information getting leaked frequently. Fourthly, enterprise network security system is not perfect enough. Lately the network operation security accidents causing great social impact exposed the insufficiency of Internet enterprises’ security measures and safeguard efforts.
Deputy Director Li stated four suggestions towards how to proceed the next step of network security. Firstly, further strengthen the network infrastructure security protection; build sound foundation for the development of Internet. Secondly, attach great importance to data security and protection of users’ personal information, build safe and reliable network environment. Thirdly, further cultivate network security technology innovation and improve the capacity of network security technology. Fourthly, actively promote information sharing and jointly cope with network threats.
Du Wei,  the Department Head of Network Security Coordination Bureau of CAC, pointed out that, certain gap still exists between advanced countries and China in the network security safeguarding ability, network security industry development and network security technology capacity. Therefore, we need to build harmonious network security ecological environment all together, which means the constructors, maintainers and users of network should escort Internet+ all together.
He Shiping the Deputy Secretary-general of Network Security Working Committee of ISC, Li Yan, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Information and Social Development of CICIR, and Chen Yuanmin, the Deputy Director of Business Development Department of CNNIC delivered speeches focusing on topics like emergency disposal practices towards loopholes and self-discipline convention, enterprises’ role in network security and Internet infrastructure services in changes, sharing new ideas and measures in their respective fields about network security.
Many well-known experts in this field have addressed speeches. The topics include Internet+security, cloud computing, network illegal behavior management, global emergency capacity towards network crisis, network attacks, data cloud storage and proof.  
During the forum, the release ceremony of Chinese version of the book “Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What everyone needs to know” was launched. Liu Jiuru, the chief editor of Publishing House of Electronics Industry, gave a brief introduction to the new book.
The forum was presided over by Yan Hanbing, Deputy Director of Operation Department of CNCERT.