The 14TH CIC Closed in Beijing

2015-07-25 19:17:22
The 14th China Internet Conference (CIC) was brought to a successful close on July 23rd in Beijing international Convention Center, hosted by Internet Society of China (ISC).

With the theme “Internet Plus Maker, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Public Interest”, the closing ceremony was composed of four parts, Open, Connect, Innovate and Cooperate in the Future. In the first part, Mr. Li Yizhong, the Standing Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the Deputy Director of Economic Community, former Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, delivered a speech. He pointed out that the key of “Made in China 2025” strategy was deeply integrated of the informatization and industrialization, with the main direction was to boost intelligent manufacturing. It has five key points to cultivate intelligent manufacturing. First, digital research and development design. Second, insert electronic information technology into the products, improving its quality, function and additional value. Third, numerical control in manufacturing equipment. Four, numerical control in the process of manufacturing. Five, network, socialization and servitization of manufacturing industry chain. He hoped that the strategy would make the manufacturing industry a higher level and drive the development of more fields, improve the development of economic, society, national power and people’s livelihood.

In the second part, Mr. Wu Hequan, the President of ISC, Chinese Academy of Engineering delivered a speech. He said that entrepreneurship and innovation is a key to enrich people and make a powerful state. It can reduce cost and support the development of Internet Plus. The ISC will try hard to promote the strategy and efforts.

In the third part, Mr. Liu Yanhua, the Counselor of the State Council pointed out five tips for young people who aspire to work for Internet innovation. First, keep a sense of normalcy during the start up process. Second, collaboration and cohesiveness are requirements for the team. Third, innovation should mobilize various elements and systems of the team and products. Four, we should learn widely from others and keep improving. Five, we should pay more attention to the process design of service system and create a sound innovation service environment.

The launching ceremony of China Internet Electronic Data Research Institute held in the closed ceremony. Mr. Gao Lulin, the Vice President of ISC delivered a speech. He pointed out that the research of electronic data has been one of the most important works, and he hoped that the institute could call upon and guide Internet industries to enhance research and improve the standard of Internet data and technology, providing better service for the society.

Meanwhile, ISC and People’s Government of Huancui District in Weihai jointly issued a cooperation framework strategic agreement on industry Internet promotion center. Mr. Lu Wei, the General Secretary of ISC said that the promotion center will be an Internet innovation base, with functions to promote industrial Internet update, Internet enterprise investment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Award for China Internet Public Interest 2014-2015 announced on the ceremony. The Global Ethnic Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest officially launched by ISC and China Council for the Promotion of Private Science and Technology. Mr. Liu Fan, the Vice-President of KMT Central Committee, Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, the Vice Director of the Preparatory Committee of Hong Kong and Macao present the flag for the contest. He hoped that the players and Makers could take full advantage of the platform, communicate and share with each other, realize our Chinese dream.

There were 28 forums and more than 500 speakers in the whole CIC conference. In addition, there were more than 10000 participants from more than 210 enterprises and organizations attended the conference, 116 Internet enterprises organized the shows at the exhibition, and 85 top media made the news report.