Forum on Transformation and Upgrading through Intelligent Manufacturing Held at the WIC

2015-12-21 19:55:56
The 2015 World Internet Conference (WIC or Wuzhen Summit), jointly organized by the Cyberspace Administration of China and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, which was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province from 16th to 18th Dec 2015.

Forum on the "Internet Plus" Strategy: Transformation and Upgrading through Intelligent Manufacturing, was co-organized by the Internet Society of China (ISC) and Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission on 17th Dec.

With the United States and Germany putting forward the national development strategy of "Industrial Internet" and "Industrial 4.0", China proposes "Made in China 2025", to implement the “Internet +” action plan, requiring the promotion of the in-depth integration of information technology and manufacturing, the development of intelligent manufacturing and the transformation of the manufacturing industry from being larger to being stronger. The Forum focused on exploring the real-world requirements surrounding the transformation and development of global manufacturing, the trends, directions and approaches of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, and also focus on exchanging ideas of the approaches and initiatives of promoting manufacturing advancement.

Li Qiang, the Governor of Zhejiang, delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that deep integration of information and industry on Intelligent Manufacturing is the best way for Chinese industrial economy development. By the tentative exploration of Zhejiang, China’s intelligent manufacturing development has three key points: first, depend on market; second, focus on high level elements. Only gather top-level talents in the world in fields of network technique, industrial automation and artificial intelligence, can intelligent manufacturing make astounding advances; third, seek out the leverage point, which is the robot working instead of man.

Lin Nianxiu, Vice Minister of National Development and Reform Commission delivered a keynote speech. He said that Internet+ means a new kind of economic pattern, and it is the strategic focus to expand and develop new space, the demands to build new industrial system. Chinese government’s carrying out Internet+ action plan, implementing and actively promoting Internet+ guidance are major measures to implement innovative development, speed up power conversion, improve Double Medium Height. To reach the goal, we should insist opening up and share with each other, integrated innovation, international cooperation, implement Internet + pragmatically and efficiently. 

Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of Ministry of industry and Information delivered a keynote speech. “Industrial Internet is the core for intelligent manufacturing, the main information infrastructure to support intelligent manufacturing, the concentrated reflection of information and communication technology innovative product”, said in his speech. Mr. Chen also added that the acceleration of breakthrough, popularization and application for industrial Internet technology, industrial Internet development needs to coordinate all parties, speed up breakthrough of core key technology, commonly formulate standard system, popularize and apply scientific achievements. He raised four advices for the industry development as following: first, to strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation, form an unified and compatible industrial Internet system structure; second, to organize application demonstration in due time; third, to give play to industry alliance; fourth, to pay attention to international cooperation and promote the development and application of industrial Internet worldwide. 

Several renowned experts and entrepreneurs also released keynote speech at the forum, Robert Elliot Kahn, Father of the Internet, gave an introduction to the DONA Foundation and information management; Rui-Min Zhang, Chairman of Board & CEO of Haier Group, and Shu-Fu Li, Chairman of Geely Group shared their best practice in companies’ transformation and upgrading through intelligent manufacturing.

Yuan Jiajun, Executive Vice-Governor of Zhejiang Province moderated the speech session of the Forum.

During the opening dialogue session, representatives discussed the trends of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet on the basis of reality. The panelists were Shu-Min Cao, (President of China Academy of Telecommunication Research), Rui-Cheng Li, (Senior VP of SAP), Werner Zorn, (Father of the German Internet), Ralph Haupter, (VP, Chairman and CEO of Greater China Region, Microsoft), and Yi-Ming Shi, (VP of SUPCON Group). Wu Hequan, president of ISC, served the moderators of the dialogue session.