2017 China Internet Industry Annual Meeting Held in Beijing

2017-01-11 10:42:44

Hosted by the Internet Society of China (ISC), the 2017 (7th) China Internet Industry Annual Meeting was held in Beijing on Jan. 6th 2017.

At the meeting, the president of ISC Wu Hequan released a report titled “New Opportunities for Internet, New Momentum for the Digital Economy”. He said that China's consumer driven Internet has contributed to economy more than the U.S.. But in the industrial Internet, it still has a long way to go. Meanwhile, in terms of the soft power of the digital economy, we still lag behind the U.S. and the global average. On the other hand, this is also a new opportunity for China. The Internetization of enterprises is the basis of industrial Internet. To realize industrial Internet, the first task is to promote the integration of informatization and industrialization, and then realize the digital transformation of enterprise. “The first 25 years of Internet development focused on research, while the latter 20 years on life services. Since the rising of commercialization of Internet WEB, a large number of Internet companies have been booming. At the turning point, there will be a large number of unicorn companies, which will grow into emerging Internet leading companies,” Wu said.

Lu Wei, Secretary-general of ISC, released the “Review of 2016 China Internet Industry Development and Outlook on 2017 China Internet Development Trends”. The report showed that China’s Internet industry has played a significant role in leading economic development, promoting social progress, and fostering innovation. In 2016, China Internet industry owned the following development trends and characteristics: 1. Internet infrastructure supports industry rapid development; 2. Internet technology promotes industrial innovation and development; 3. Internet and traditional industries maintain integration and rapid development; 4. Internet industry is flourishing; 5. cyber security governance ensures orderly development of industry.

In 2017, China Internet industry trends are as follows: 1. a new generation of information infrastructure will become a key support for the national cyber development strategy; 2. Internet technology will be a strong driving force for innovation and development; 3. industrial integration indicates the revitallization of real economy; 4. application and service will be innovative measures that benefit people's livelihood; 5. security and governance will be a powerful guarantee for industry development.

Shi Xiansheng, Deputy secretary-general of ISC, released the “Top Ten Events of 2016 China Internet Development” at the meeting. The top-ten list goes as following: 1. “Let’s make Internet better for the benefit of the country and people,” Presiden Xi Jinping pointed out; 2. the “National Security Law and the National Cyberspace Security Strategy” were released; 3. initiative on facilitating faster and more affordable broadband network achieved a great progress; 4. the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) strongly promoted the real-name registration of telephone users; 5. integration of manufacturing industry and Internet reached a new high level; 6. sharing economy, as a new economic format, stimulated economic growth; 7. the Central Economic Work Conference proposed to carry out the “National Strategy of Innovation-Diven Development” in depth; 8. the competition in Internet market shifted from the user's to platform; 9. technological innovation promoted the healthy development of Internet finance; 10. a multi-agency supervision and punishment mechanism based on data became the main measure for network credit.