The Internet Film Working Group of ISC Established in Beijing

2017-05-23 09:48:20

On May 20, 2017, the launch ceremony of the Internet Film Working Group of the Internet Society of China (ISC) was held in Huairou National Film Industry Demonstration Zone in Beijing. More than 140 Internet film industry professionals from more than 90 companies attended the inauguration event.

Shi Xiansheng, Deputy Secretary-General of ISC stated that integration, opening-up, and globalization are the future development trend of Internet film. Internet companies and traditional film industry should advance with the times, integrate and cooperate with each other. The establishment of the working group will build a platform for the Internet and film industry to gather all forces and resources to jointly promote its healthy and orderly development.

The meeting representative indicated that the Internet industry will bring about a subversive change to the entire industry, and the combination of film culture with the Internet will acquire a better development. Huairou National Film Industry Demonstration Zone will provide a platform for companies in Internet and film industry to make communication. They also provide a large number of preferential policies for the film industry in the demonstration area. It is expected that more favorable policies will be introduced in the future.

At the launching ceremony, the working group adopted working rules, which aims to build a platform for the Internet film industry with communication, learning, and sharing. With the principle of "Openness, Sharing, and Integration", it is devoted to build a complete ecological chain of Internet film. At the same time, the first list of initiate member unit was announced and its management structure was formed through vote selected.

Mr. Xi Weihang, Head of the working group, stated that under the guidance of the ISC, the establishment of the Internet Film Working Group is of great significance with the rapid development of the Internet film industry. The working group will provide services for its members to develop and make progress together. At the same time, it will strictly carry out various tasks in accordance with the relevant By-laws of the ISC and actively promote the development of the industry.