The “China Internet Development Report 2018” Released in Beijing

2018-07-24 15:51:55

On July 12th, Internet Society of China formally released the “China Internet Development Report 2018” during the closing session of 2018 China Internet Conference.

There are 32 chapters in the report, which is divided into four parts: General Introduction, Environment and Resources, Application and Services, and Appendix. Through detailed data and objective analysis, the report gave a comprehensive account of the 2017 horizontal development environment of Internet infrastructure construction, cloud computing and big data. It specifically analyzed vertical applications such as e-commerce, e-games and audio-visual services while depicting the developing situation and trend of Chinese Internet industries. The report also demonstrated a high research level and a thorough dissection of the major enterprises and typical cases in various fields. A research system of “general impression—horizontal support—vertical application—points of innovation” was thus formed.

“China Internet Development Report” is a massive annalistic research report edited by the Internet Society of China (ISC) and the China Internet Network Information Centre, and also an authoritative study made by experts from various fields. As a platform for innovative development of the industry, ISC made thorough researches and releases annually the China Internet Development Report for 17 consecutive years since 2002. Each of those reports reflects the new changes, practices and trends emerged in the year’s Internet development, and has become a major statistical resource for annual Internet development.