Top Ten Hot Spot on Digital Security in 2018 Released in Chengdu

2019-01-29 18:11:02

The results of the "2018 Top Ten Hotspots on Digital Security" were officially released on the afternoon of December 15, at the 2018 China Information and Communication Conference in Chengdu. The selection was jointly organized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(CAICT), the China Institute of Communications(CIC), and the Internet Society of China (ISC).

The leaders from CAICT, CIC and ISC respectively delivered speeches, pointing out that this conference is of great significance and far-reaching impact, and plays a positive role in promoting the development of digital security technology and promoting the transformation and upgrading of digital security industry.

At the meeting, the "Top Ten Hotspots on 2018 Digital Security" were released. The results of the following two aspects are as follows: "The top ten directions of 2018 digital security technology industry" — artificial intelligence security industry, blockchain security industry, artificial intelligence (AI), chip industry, IoT security industry, vehicle wireless communication technology, 5G mobile communication technology (5G), quantum communication technology, satellite communication technology, biometrics technology, virtual reality technology. "Top 20 data security hotspots" —data protection platformization and ecologicalization, data lifecycle management, big data mining, data value identification, data security assessment, data grading, data desensitization, privacy compliance, data validation right, data provenance.

Subsequently, representatives from Tencent Group and 360 Group respectively delivered keynote speeches on digital security technology innovation and digital security assurance capacity building, and proposed that ensuring digital security is a social responsibility that enterprises should undertake and an important driving force for their own development.

In the high-end dialogue, many experts from China Electronics Technology Group, China Academy of Sciences, JD Group and other experts conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on the development of China's digital security industry from the perspective of production, education and research. 

This selection activity focuses on digital security hotspots. From the perspective of technological iterative innovation and industrial upgrading, it analyzes and grasps the promotion of digital security industry by new generation information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, biometrics and quantum communication.