Chinese AI robot stumps human competitor on quiz show

2017-02-10 14:51:55

The robot, Wangzai, comes in an appealing package, which offers simulated facial expressions and a wide scope of knowledge. Wangzai was designed by China’s search engine giant Sogou, and defeated a Harvard graduate in Yi Zhan Dao Di, the Chinese version of American game show "Who’s Still Standing?" The robot demonstrated its quasi-human intelligence, including its ability to comprehend and respond to questions both swiftly and accurately.

Using Sogou’s powerful search engine, Wangzai can retrieve information and conduct independent analysis. Its deduction capability allows it to find the right answer within milliseconds, media reported.

This is not the first time that Chinese AI robots have bested their human counterparts. In January, Xiaodu, Baidu’s AI robot, defeated human competitors in a series of complex trials involving facial and voice recognition.

Chinese tech companies have shifted their focus to AI in recent years, becoming a leading power in the field. According to a report released by the World Internet Conference in 2016, AI has attracted $2.6 billion of investment in China.

(People's Daily Online)