The China-U.S. Anti-Hacking Report Presented at the World Cyberspace Cooperation Summit IV

2013-11-07 10:05:41

The China-U.S. Anti-Hacking Report "Frank Communication & Sensible Cooperation to Stem Harmful Hacking" was presented at the World Cyberspace Cooperation Summit IV, which was held at Stanford University on November 5th, 2013.

The Report was issued jointly by the Internet Society of China (ISC) and EastWest Institute (EWI).

Mr. ZHOU Yonglin, Secretary General of Information & Network Security Committee of ISC, and Mr. Karl Frederick Rauscher, CTO & Distinguished Fellow of EWI were the primary contributor and authors.

This is the second cooperation between the two parties under the framework of China -U.S. Track 2 Bilateral on Cybersecurity. The previous report was "Fighting Spam to Build Trust".

The cybersecurity issue is not only a hot topic as a global trend, but also a prominent factor in the overall China-U.S. relationship, indeed even now escalated to the bilateral presidential agenda. The combined virtuality of the Internet, the invisibility of hacking incidents, serious damage to victims, and the lack of frank and effective communication between China and the U.S. on this issue have together driven mutual trust between the two countries on cybersecurity to a very low level.

This report will be a constructive factor as both sides come to grips with taking action on this complex issue of cybersecurity risks. This policy and technical study by top experts from both China and the United States is an attempt to begin to change the situation. In order to do this, we have to be honest with ourselves. Harmful hacking involves a complex set of issues. But it can be broken down into component parts as shown here in these pages.

Minister of the Information Office of the State Council of P.R.China, Mr. CAI Mingzhao said, this report indicates that China and the U.S. can make joint efforts for a safe and secure cyber space. "I support concrete actions like this", Minister Cai added.

“Maintaining the prosperity and development of the Internet is the fundamental interests of China and the U.S. China and the U.S. should work together to face the challenges of cyber security. The report is the outcome of bilateral cooperation, let us continue to work and make greater contribution for the global development of the Internet.” comments made by the President of ISC, Mr. WU Hequan, who is also a Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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