The 2014 China Internet Conference to be held in August

2014-03-31 11:51:41

Internet Society of China (ISC) announced its annual event the 2014 China Internet Conference to be held at Beijing International Convention Center from August 26-28, 2014.

"China Internet Conference has become a significant platform to promote exchanges and cooperation among the Internet industry in China. It is of great value to facilitating the integration of industrial strength and intelligent, to actively exploring and innovating the collaboration between the Internet industry and traditional industry, which will play a positive and important role to promote the development of Internet in China. I hope that new ideas, new opportunities, new ways for the industrial development could be exchanged and founded in this platform. More importantly, I hope the Conference will in-depth explore the new trends, new phenomena, new issues the industry faced, and to discuss how to promote the sustainable development.", addressed by an official from the Ministry of industry and information technology. 

The theme of the 2014 Conference is: Create Infinite Chances

Mr. LU Wei, the Secretary General of ISC made an explanation to the theme "Create Infinite Chances, Create the New Era's Economic Engine". He said, along with the current economic structural adjustment and transformation and upgrade, the cross-border integration of Internet industry and traditional industry, and the continuous innovation of technology application, in one hand, will provide infinite chances on promoting the industrial development, boosting economy, and bringing innovation and job opportunities. For another hand, it will become the new engine to lead the consumption and expand the domestic demand. In this context, the Conference will focus on the key words of "emerging Internet industry", "Internet to boost industry", "Internet innovation" and "Internet technology and application" etc, and will invite the industry experts, entrepreneurs, and government authorities to in-depth exchanges and explore the development trends.

Based on previous paralleled sub-forum, this year will add "2014 China Mobile Internet Terminal Development Forum", "2014 China Wearable Devices and Intelligent Hardware Development Forum", "2014 China Internet Intelligent Traffic Forum", "China Innovation of Enterprises and Support the Development Forum", "Internet Innovation Project Competition", and "2014 China Mobile Internet Annual Meeting -- Mobile Game".

Meanwhile, the Conference will open the Silicon Valley sub-conference, calls "Access Silicon Valley -- China Internet International Cooperation Forum", building a platform for the exchange of Internet enterprises among home and abroad.

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