2013-07-20 13:46:13

Mr. WU Hequan

Mr. Wu, born on Jan. 16, 1943 in Guangzhou Province, China; graduated from Wuhan Post and Telecommunications Institute. He is the President of Internet Society of China, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and research fellow of fiber optical transport network and broadband network. He was Vice-President and Chief Engineer of China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Vice President of Datang Telecom Group in 1997-2003. He was elected Member of the CAE in 1999 and Vice-President since Jun. 2002.

Mr. Wu Hequan is one of the pioneers to undertake R&D in the field of digital communications technology in China. As R&D project manager and chief engineer, his project team was the first in the country to successfully develop many telecom equipments and systems, such as PCM30 terminal equipment, FDM/TDM Trans-MUX equipment, STM-1/STM-4 synchronous multiplexing equipments, 155Mb/s and 622Mb/s fiber optical transmission system and SDH demonstration project. He was Director of communications technology experts group of State Hi-tech program (863) in 1994-2000 and currently takes on Deputy Director of Supervisory Committee of 863 program and Member of Advisor Committee of National Basic Research (973) program. He was assigned as Member of China Advisory Committee for State Informatization and was Deputy-Director of the Executive Council of China Institute of Communications. He was awarded second grade prize of the State Science and Technology Progress Award.

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