ISC Participated in the 2009 IGF

2009-11-18 21:09:52

The fourth annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 15-18 November 2009, which is being graciously hosted by the Government of Egypt.

The overall theme of the meeting will be Internet Governance – Creating Opportunities for All. The theme reflects the basic purpose of the IGF to develop a common understanding of how to maximize the opportunities the Internet offers for all nations and peoples, and how to address the risks and challenges, while also raising awareness of the development dimension of Internet governance.

A broad-based consultation process through the Multistakeholder Advisory Group has generated the following proposed agenda for the meeting:

*Managing critical internet resources;
*Security, openness and privacy;
*Access and diversity;
*Internet governance in light of WSIS principles;
*Preparing the Young Generations in the Digital Age: A Shared Responsibility; and
*Taking stock and the way forward – desirability of the continuation of the Forum.

Internet Society of China led a delegation to participate in the 2009 IGF and organized a paralleling-event best practice forum with the title of "Access for all includes the person with disabilities". (More info please visit: The forum was co-organized by Internet Society of China, China Foundation for Disabled Persons, and China Communications Standardizations Association. The workshop discussed maximizing joint efforts from various levels to create and promote the accessibility for disabled people and vulnerable groups, standard-setting and products optimization in terms of promoting information barrier-free, the experience on promoting information accessibility, and challenges and problems.

The Vice President of ISC, Mr. Gao Xinmin served the Moderator of the forum. And Mr. Huang Chengqing, the Vice-President of ISC released a speech with title of“Information Accessibility Construction in China”; and then Ms. Sun Yongge, Director of ISC introduced the information accessibility standards construction in China. And Mr. Lambert van Nistelrooij, who came from the European Parliament’s Industry and Research Committee. He introduced the Access in EU, and especially focused on the project of Ambient Assisted Living.

Main Session of 2009 IGF Meeting

Mr.GAO Xinmin, Vice-President of ISC at the 2009 IGF

Best Practice Forum co-organized by ISC 

Best Practice Forum co-organized by ISC 



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