ISC participated in the 2010 IGF Meeting

2010-09-16 02:52:53
2010 IGF

The fifth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) was opened in Vilnius, Lithuania, on September 14th, 2010. The Meeting will be four days and the overall theme is, IGF 2010--developing the future together.The agenda for the 2010 meeting includes the following key themes.

   Managing critical Internet resources,
   Security, openness and privacy
   Access and diversity
   Internet governance for development (IG4D)
   Emerging issues: cloud computing
   Taking stock of Internet governance and the way forward

Internet Society of China (ISC) as the leading Internet association in China has long been promoting the Internet development of China, and it actively participated in various global Internet events to share the experience and learn from others. ISC has participated in the IGF events for the fifth session and has organized different workshops and best practice forum during the IGF meeting, the theme includes anti-Spam, information accessibility, network security etc.

At the 2010 IGF, ISC jointly with Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC), and the World Information Technology Services Alliance (WITSA) to organize a workshop with title of “Engendering Confidence in the Cloud – Addressing Questions of Security and Privacy in Developed and Developing Countries”.

The namelist of the workshop is as following:

*Moderator:Mr. GAO Xinmin, Vice President of ISC

*Remote Moderator:Mr. Anders Halvorsen,  Director of Public Policy of WITSA


1. Mr. John Morris, General Counsel and the Director of the "Internet Standards, Technology and Policy Project, Center for Democracy and Technology;
2. Mr. Wilfried Grommen, General Manager and Regional Technology Officer for Central and Eastern Europe, Microsoft;
3. Mr. Waudo Siganga, National Chairman of the Computer Society of Kenya;
4. Mr. Lu Jianfeng, Vice President,Qihoo;
5. Ms Coura Fall, Senegalese Information Technology Association;
6. Mr. Jeff Breugemann, Vice President for Public Policy, AT&T.

Meanwhile, ISC and China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)will co-organize a workshop 18 with title of “Principles of Internet Governance Dimension of Open Knowledge Environment in Bridging Digital Divide”.

For more information, please visit the IGF website:


The workshop 136 co-organized by ISC, GIIC and WITSA
The workshop 136 co-organized by ISC, GIIC and WITSA
Moderator: Mr. GAO Xinmin, Vice President of ISC
Remote Moderator: Mr. Anders Halvorsen, Director of Public Policy of WITSA
The workshop 136 co-organized by ISC, GIIC and WITSA
Workshop 18 co-organized by ISC and CAST
ISC"s booth in the IGF Village
ISC"s booth in the IGF Village
Posters in the Booth (Introduction of Internet in China and ".中国" application)