China and UK Exchange Views on Internet at Roundtable in London

2010-11-23 14:53:34

LONDON, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Government officials and businessmen from China discussed issues about the Internet with their British counterparts at a roundtable in London on Monday.

Wang Chen, minister of China"s State Council Information Office, and Ed Vaizey, the UK Minister for Communications, Culture and Creative Industries, delivered a keynote speech.

Almost 100 people from government offices, companies and research institutions attended the forum.

Wang introduced the development of internet in China. With abundant data and facts, such as the fast-growing number of Chinese "netizens," the scale of online business transactions, he elaborated that the internet in China is thriving and contributing to the growing Chinese economy.

Wang summarized China"s policy on regulating internet as "positive utilization, scientific development, governance by law, and security."

Wang also put forward suggestions on the enhancement of communication and cooperation on Internet between China and Britain, which covered technology innovation, e-commerce and the control of online hacking and pornography.

Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming quoted Tim Berners-Lee, the Briton who invented the World Wide Web, to illustrate that the Internet had become a medium and information carrier that transcended the traditional national boundaries. As a new element in the contemporary international relations, the Internet is playing a positive role in the bilateral relationship between Britain and China, he said.

Ed Vaizey said the fast development of the internet presented opportunities as well as challenges to both countries, which means that it would be beneficial for the UK and China to enhance cooperation on relative topics, such as the outlook of information technology. He acknowledged that the UK-China Internet Roundtable could be a good platform for such cooperation.

The UK-China Internet Roundtable is jointly held by China"s State Council Information Office and the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The first meeting was held in London in 2008, and the second meeting was held in Beijing in 2009.

The meeting, the third of its kind, on Monday included four subgroups, which covered cloud computing, digital Intellectual Property Rights, mobile internet content on 3G/4G platforms, and Internet business opportunity.