Internet 'not weapon for attack'

2014-07-02 17:29:34
The Minister of China's State Internet Information Office said the Internet should bring peace and safety to all countries, and should not be used as a weapon for attacks between countries.

Lu Wei made the comments during a speech at the 50th general assembly of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in London on June 23.

Lu said that all countries should aim for consensus concerning several issues, based on the common desire to strengthen the governance of cyberspace, in accordance with the ICANN's slogan: "One world, one network".

Internet 'not weapon for attack'

And they should aim to agree on these issues despite any differences and disputes due to national conditions and cultural backgrounds.

He also said the Internet should benefit - rather than harm - all humankind, and it should be used to assist developing countries.

He added that it should protect people's rights instead of being a hotbed for criminal activities and terrorist attacks. It should transmit positive things and inherit human culture.

Lu said during his speech - titled "Net we share, space we govern" - that the Internet should be a tool to help educate young people – as they are our future.

More than 3,000 people from 130 countries and regions participated in the meeting.

ICANN is a global multi-stakeholder organization that manages and coordinates the global domain name system, root server system and IP addresses.