7th China US Internet Industry Forum opens in D.C.

2014-12-03 13:35:19
WASHINGTON D.C. -- The seventh China US Internet Industry Forum began here on Tuesday, bringing more than 150 government officials, industry leaders and academics to discuss the reality and prospects of cooperation on cyber issue between the two countries.

The China-US relation on the Internet issue is now an important component of the new model of major power relationship between the two countries and decides the future of both countries to a great extent, Lu Wei, minister of the Cyberspace Administration of China, told delegates of the conference.

"We should see that consensus and cooperation are the main streams. Not only should we seek the common grounds in spite of differences, but also make joint progress based on the common grounds," he said.

He noted that differences should not be obstacles. "It is precisely through these differences that we can complement each other and create all kinds of possibilities for cooperation and mutual benefits," he said.

Catherine Novelli, US under secretary of state for economic growth, energy and environment, said the United States and China should cooperate and are cooperating as the two countries share common interests on cyber issues.

The two-day forum is co-hosted by the Microsoft Corporation and the Internet Society of China.

(Xinhua News)