The 14th CIC Opened in Beijing

2015-07-22 17:52:13
Hosted by the Internet Society of China (ISC), the 14th China Internet Conference (CIC) was held in Beijing International Convention Center on July 21, 2015. 

Mr. WU Hequan, the President of ISC, delivered the welcome speech, expressing warmly welcome and sincere thanks to the participants. 

Mr. MIAO Wei, the Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) delivered a speech on the opening ceremony. He pointed out that we should pay our main attention to the goal that make our country a stronger cyberpower, develop on the basis of security, improve security through development, strengthen the cooperation and coordination of related department, propel the sound development of Internet, realize the fusion and rapid development of industrial technology and information technology.

“First, accelerate the high speed broadband network construction, increase the speed and reduce the cost. We should speed up the development pace of 4G and the study of 5G, construct the infrastructure and service system of broadband. Second, carefully carry out the “Internet+” action plan, vigorously promote the integration of information and industry. We should continue strengthening the Internet infrastructure and IT industry, improving the development of Internet, digitalization, intelligence and service. Third, further strengthen and improve the Internet management, promote a sound and order Internet development. We should abide by the rule of Internet development, optimize and innovate the method of supervision, promote a standardized market, create a multiple pattern of supervision, and build up a fair, justice, legal and compliance market environment. Four, we should pay a high attention to the security situation and vigorously improve the ability to safeguard the Internet and information security.”, said Mr. Miao.

Mr. Miao Wei said, the ISC has played a key rolein keeping the sound development of Internet industry. For many years, it made a great contribution to the Internet technology application and industry integration. The MIIT will continue supporting the work of ISC in promoting Internet development.

Mr. Lin Nianxiu, the Vice Director of China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), gave a speech on four aspects, strengthen policy guidance, optimize system environment, improve infrastructure and promote demonstration and application. He pointed out for advices on the sound development of Internet industry and the “Internet+” implementation.

"First, quickly improve the Internet infrastructure from a long-term perspective and higher demands. NDRC will continue making information infrastructure construction a major work, supporting the broadband Internet development, improving the synergetic development of Internet economy and entity economy. Second, actively embrace Internet with a more inclusive attitude and environment. We should encourage private capital to enter Internet infrastructure construction. Third, propel the “Internet+” with more power and more practical policy. NDRC will carry out major project on the guidance of “Internet+” to encourage innovative efforts from enterprises. The government should study and carry out related policy, increase the intensity of purchasing service, advance the financing of financial institution to major projects. Four, guarantee Internet security and make sure a fair market competition environment with a more scientific management and more standard system. To advance “Internet+”, we should not only have a safe Internet environment, enhance the public awareness of security, but strictly investigate into the unfair competition behaviors, creating a healthy and sustainable Internet development environment.", said Mr. Lin.

Mr. Shang Bing, the Vice Minister of the MIIT, made a keynote report. He pointed out that the Internet development in our country had four major characteristics. We should accelerate the high speed broadband, increase the speed and reduce the cost; continue expanding the industry scale, improve its innovation and vitality; speed up the “Internet+” integration; and quicken our pace of ” going global” strategy, make new progress in international cooperation. 

He also put forward five advices on Internet development. First, bring new advantages in Internet infrastructure and deeply carry out the strategy of China Broadband. Second, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Third, bring the new advantages of industry integrate by accelerating the integration of Internet and traditional fields. Four, make new advantages of Internet security management. We should create a liable and safe Internet environment. Five, create a new advantage of international competition and cooperation. Build up a cyberspace of peace, security, openness and cooperation and promote an International Internet governance system of multilateralism, democracy and transparency.

Mr. Ren Xianliang, the Vice Director of Cyberspace Administration of China, made a keynote report. He put forward four points to the Internet development and management.

"First, we should unite all parties and further improve the Internet security. Second, keep innovation and integration, and create a healthy, positive Internet public opinion environment. The Internet media should not only adapt to the media development trend, improve communication capability with new technology, but also enhance its ability to guide public opinion. Third, promote legislation and act strictly according to the law, intensify the legal construction of Internet. Four, work together and pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, continue making innovation on Internet management model.", said Mr. Ren.

The CIC will last for 3 days with nearly 30 forums, covering the topics on Internet security, e-commerce, Internet governance, Internet start-up, Internet technology and innovation etc, presenting  a comprehensive show of new achievement of “Internet+”. In addition, the CIC will have special exhibition for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The speakers from high level government officials, leading entrepreneurs, renowned experts and scholars from home and abroad attracted more than 10000 participants to the event.