The 15th CIC successfully closed in Beijing

2016-07-05 21:06:50
The 15th China Internet Conference (CIC) was brought to a successful close on June 23rd in Beijing international Convention Center, hosted by Internet Society of China (ISC). Present at the closed ceremony were many important delegations, among whom were Mr. ZHANG Feng, Chief Engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and Mr. Wu Hequan, the President of ISC. 

Mr. ZHANG Feng delivered a speech on the closed ceremony. He pointed out that the China Internet Conference had witnessed and made efforts in the development of China Internet Industry, and successfully set up a large stage to Internet Industry for exchanges and cooperation, which had been widely recognized and appreciated. There were 4 features for this year’s CIC: focused on hot and frontier topics; crowded with professionals and leading experts; concerned with people's livelihood to provide better service to the public; promoted cooperation and achieved fruitful results.

He stressed, hoped all stakeholders persist in the developing principles of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared. With a more open attitude, a more broad perspective, and a more pragmatic spirit, firmly grasping the new trends in Internet development, actively explored new ways of integration of Internet and strived to open up the new situation in the development of innovation on the Internet.

Mr. Wu Hequan, the President of ISC, acted as moderator of the session of “Great Masters’ Dialogue”, and made intensive exchanges on the topics of DNS development, combination of supercomputing and Internet protocol, cyber security and future development with the panelists of two inductees of the Internet Hall of Fame, Dr. Radia Perlman, the designer of STP and Prof. Tan Tin Wee, Director of the National Supercomputing Centre, Singapore.

Siranush Vardanyan, Chair of ICANN APRALO delivered a special remark, showing warm welcome for ISC’s joining as an ALS  and looking forward to ISC's contribution and participation, alongside other ALS members of APRALO, in helping ICANN to fulfil its broader vision of "One World - One Internet".

During the closing ceremony, ISC presented the “China Internet Industry Self-discipline Award” to about 30 enterprises, for appreciation their efforts to a healthy development environment of the Internet in China.

There were 25 forums and more than 500 speakers participating in this year’s conference. In addition, there were more than 10000 participants from more than 1000 enterprises and organizations and 500 media attending the conference, over 200 Internet enterprises setting up their shows at the exhibition. 

ZHANG Feng, Chief Engineer of MIIT

Dialogue between inductees of the Internet Hall of Fame

Siranush Vardanyan, Chair of ICANN APRALO

ISC presented the “China Internet Industry Self-discipline Award”