Shang Bing Elected as President of ISC

2019-09-17 16:17:07
The fifth session of members' Congress of the Internet Society of China (ISC) was held on Sept 12, 2019 in Beijing. Mr. Wu Hequan, President of the fourth session of the Board, moderated the meeting.

Mr. Wang Xinzhe, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and Mr. Ren Xianliang, President of the China Federation of Internet Societies, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. More than 300 member representatives of ISC attended the meeting.

The members of the fifth session of the Board were elected from the members' Congress, which was held every five years for a new term. The new session of Board meeting generated a new phase of leadership. Mr. Shang Bing, the former Vice Minister of MIIT and former Chairman of China Mobile, was elected as the new President of ISC. Ms. Liu Duo, President of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, was elected as the Secretary-General, and Mr. He Guili, Mr. Song Maoen, and Ms. Pei Wei were appointed as Deputy Secretaries-General.

Under the leadership of the new Board, ISC will further improve its functions and serve the members, industry and community, as well as further strengthen its capacity building to promote the development of China's Internet to a new level.

Mr. Shang Bing, the Presidnet of ISC
Mr. Wu Hequan, President of the fourth session of the Board of ISC
Ms. Liu Duo, the Secretary-General of ISC