ISC-KISA met in China for Anti-Spam Cooperation

2011-08-11 15:47:56

A 2-member delegation from Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) visited ISC on June 27th, 2006, with the aim of discussing with China about anti-Spam cooperation. The KISA delegation members were Mr. Hyuk Joon Kim (Security Analyst, Spam Response Team of KISA) and Mr. Hiongun Kim (Research Director, Mobigen Inc.).

Ongoing meeting, Mr. Huang Chengqing, Secretary General of ISC, showed warm welcome to the Korean guests and gave a brief introduction of ISC anti-Spam efforts. Anti-Spam Committee was one of the working committees under ISC, it founded last year on the based of Anti- Spam Coordination Team, and nowadays its members had reached up to 85, including many main ESPs in China. From year 2001, ISC had contributed a lot of efforts on anti-Spam, signing anti-Spam cooperation Memorandum with international Internet corporations and organizations like Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo, AOL and Internet Industry Association (Australia), establishing the ISC Anti- Spam Platform (will be finished by the end of this year), setting up the black/white list mechanism etc.

At present China ranks the third in the world of sending Spam. Actually the main cause is that many servers in China are used to send Spam by spammers. According to the latest data of survey organized by ISC, the Spam has decreased by 2%, which is mainly due to an email service-related Regulation constituted by Ministry of Information Industry (MII) on March 30th this year. In the regulation there are detailed explanations on the issues of inhibiting the behavior of sending Spam and how to punish the behavior. The regulation plays a definite role in decreasing Spam. ‘We hope China and Korea will strengthen cooperation not only in information exchange, but also in the use of platform and work together to descend the Spam ranking of the two countries’, Mr. Huang said.

Mr. Joon Kim said that it was significant to come to China and discuss with ISC on the issue of anti- Spam. China and Korea both suffered with flood of Spam, and KISA hoped to work together with China to solve the problem. Spam in Korea had also decreased recently. The Korean introduced their experience on legislation and technology means regarding the Spam control. The present difficulty was it was hard to deal with the cases of cross-border spammers due to the jurisdiction issue. Therefore Korean hoped to cooperate with China to set up an effective international anti-Spam mechanism. Meanwhile, the Korean affirmed the achievement China had made in anti- Spam. He pointed out that according to foreign authority survey; the Chinese Spam in the first quarter of 2006 had descended by 0.4% compared with last quarter.

After ISC making an introduction about its Anti- Spam Platform, the Korean showed great interest in it and hoped to further cooperate.

In the afternoon ISC arranged the Korean to visit SINA Corporation, the leading online company in China. They discussed and exchanged the idea of effective approach and successful experience on anti- Spam. The visit facilitated the Korean a deepen understanding about the current status and the future of China’s email industry.