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2022-01-27 11:18

Congress of ISC is the supreme body of power of ISC.

Council of ISC is the executive body of Congress of ISC, which carries out normal duty during the close of General Assembly. It is held responsible to the Congress of ISC.

Standing Council is held responsible to the Council, and exercises its functions and powers stipulated by the Bylaws of ISC during the close of the Congress. It sets up one President, several Vice-Presidents.

Secretariat is the administrative body of the Council, and sets up one Secretary General and several Deputy Secretary Generals. Secretary General is in charge of Secretariat's normal duty:  organizing and carrying out annual work plan; putting into effect the decisions of Congress, the Council and the Standing Council; coordinating internal works of ISC; nominating Deputy Secretary General and main Directors for each working departments of the Secretariat, branch, and other organizations; deciding the employment of staff, dealing with ordinary work. Deputy Secretary General assists the Secretary General in his/her work.


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