2016 Sharing Economy Development Forum Held in Beijing

2016-12-21 16:02:14

Hosted by the Sharing Economy Working Committee of the Internet Society of China (ISC), the "2016 Sharing Economy Development Forum & 1st Anniversary of the Establishment of Sharing Economy Working Committee of ISC" was held in Beijing, on December 18, 2016. The forum aims to summarize the theory and practices of China's sharing economy development and look forward to the future of the industry.

Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China Institute of Information and Communication Organization, National Information Center,  Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the forum.

Mr. Xie Shaofeng from MIIT emphasized that at present China’s economy development has entered into a new normal. Sharing economy will advance supply-side structural reforms, provide new momentum for industrial growth, and favorable conditions for green and sustainable development. It can substantially promote industrial restructuring and public entrepreneurship and innovation. In the process of the integration of manufacturing and Internet, the promotion of sharing economy will benefit China's manufacturing industry, and promote the structural reform of the manufacturing industry.

Mr. Sun Wei from NDRC pointed out that in the past years China's sharing economy was booming. Sharing travel, online short-term rentals, and logistics and express delivery maintained rapid growth, and further expand to knowledge content, creative design, home services, manufacturing and other areas. We should make objective analysis and rational treatment to issues emerged in the development process.

Mr. Lu Wei, Secretary-General of ISC pointed out that sharing economy itself has natural Internet genes. With the popularization of mobile terminals and the development of the mobile Internet, information communication will be more accurate. In this context, the sharing economy uses technologies such as mobile Internet and big data to match resources, integrate idle resources, and reduce consumers' purchase costs, which has, to a certain extent, changed the traditional business rules. He said that ISC is committed to serve and promote the industry’s standardization, healthy, and sustainable development.

Mr. Wang Xin, Secretary-general of the Share Economy Working Committee, introduced its work in promoting domestic and international exchanges of sharing economic, exploring theoretical research and practice in sharing economy, and promoting industry self-regulation and standardization.