ISC hosted a High-level Internet Elites New Year Reunion

2010-03-03 16:44:29

On March 1st, 2010, Internet Society of China (ISC) hosted a New Year Reunion inviting high-level guests from government sectors, ISPs, and Internet-related companies.

On behalf of ISC, President Madam HU Qiheng released a welcome speech and expressed gratitude for the help and support by the whole industry in last year. General Engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Tecnology (MIIT) Mr. Su Jinsheng attended the party to introduce the current status faced and showed continuous support to the development of Internet industry. High-level guests from Internet companies made reviews of year 2009 and expressed good wishes in the new year, and forwarded the need to further strengthen mutual communication and cooperation.


Madam Hu Qiheng, President of ISC
Mr.Su Jinsheng, General Engineer of MIIT
Madam WANG Xiujun, Director of Communications Security Bureau,MIIT

Mrs. Han Xia, Director of Telecommunication Administration Bureau, MIIT

Mr. GAO Xinmin, Vice President of ISC

Mr. GAO Lulin, Vice President of ISC

Mr. Jiang Zhengxin, Vice General Manager, ChinaUnicom

Mr. HE Jiazheng, President of

Mr. WANG Wenbin, General Manager of

Mr. MA Huteng, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tencent

Mr. CAO Guowei, CEO of Sina

Mr. LI Yanhong, President of Baidu

Mr. ZHANG Lijun, President of

Mr. LI Jiaming, President of

Mr. ZHANG Xiangdong, President of

Mr. CHEN Yizhou (Joseph Chen), Chairman of Oak Pacific Interative

Mr. LI Zhigao, President of

Mr. QI Xiangdong, President of Qihoo

Mr. CHEN Pei, CEO of

Mr. YU Yongfu, CEO of UC Mobile

Mr. LI Ya, President of

Mr. ZHOU Hongyi, President of Qihoo

 Mr. LU Bing, Vice Chairman of 263 Network Communications

Mr. CHEN Jianfeng, COO of Hexun

Mr. MA Ning, Secretary General of ISC