2010 China Internet Conference to be held in August

2010-04-08 10:32:34

April 7, 2010, hosted by Internet Society of China (ISC), the News Press Conference for 2010 (9th) China Internet Conference & (2nd) China Netizen Culture Festival was held in Beijing.

It was released from the press conference that the 2010 China Internet Conference (http://www.2010cic.cn/english/index.html) will be held in Beijing International Convention Center (http://www.bicc.com.cn/English/jiudian/index.asp) from August 17-19, 2010. With the theme of “Service - Foundation of Internet Value, Green - Future of Internet Development”, the Conference aims to promote a harmonious and sustainable online environment, to call for credited and responsible online behavior, and to push forward the convergence process. Meanwhile, the (2nd) China Netizen Culture Festival (www.wangminjie.cn) was initiated to offer a platform for Chinese netizen to show off them-selves.   

Wang Anping, Chief of Business Resource Division, Telecommunication Administration Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) attended the news conference and delivered a speech. He said that at the age of post financial crisis, as one of the economic engines in China, Internet industry should seek for new ways, new ideas, new services and new potentials for its development thus to contribute more energy to the social economic growth. He indicates that MIIT will support Internet Society of China and China Internet Conference as it has in the past, and expressed his wish an integrity, innovative and prosperous Internet conference be successfully organized.

Gao Xinmin, Vice President of Internet Society of China delivered a speech explaining the theme of 2010 China Internet Conference in details. Gao indicates that this conference will focus on taking full advantage and innovate Internet service, explore huge potential and value of Internet. And Internet Society of China will continue fully playing its role as industrial organization to call for efforts on industrial self-discipline and contributing to a sound and prosperous development of Internet industry.
Sun Yongge, Director of Business Development Department, Internet Society of China and Zeng Mingfa, Deputy Secretary General, Organization Committee of Internet Society of China introduced general status, features and characteristics of 2010 CIC and the 2nd China Netizen Cultural Festival. Besides the former brand forums, this conference will add some special forums on some hot issues such as IT information service practice for world Top 500 enterprises, Internet cultural industry, network media and otaku economy. This conference will attach more attention on profundity, internationality, public benefit, interactivity and openness; prepare multi interactive platforms including webcasting, micro blog, SMS and spot questions; and develop spot interactive activities following the theme “seek for value and potential of China Internet”.
Besides, Internet Society of China has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Taipei Computer Association at this news conference. They will jointly organize mobile Internet application exhibition in mainland and Taiwan during the period of Internet Conference while organizing Finals of the 1st Interactive Digital Content Design Competition. It will greatly promote communication and cooperation of Internet industry from both sides of Taiwan Straits.

Leading Internet enterprises and news media have attended this news conference. Representatives of strategic partners including People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, Tencent, Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Vodone and iFeng have participated in the conference.

Mr. GAO Xinmin, Vice President of ISC
Mr.WANG Anping, Offical from MIIT
Mr.SHI Xiansheng, Assistant to Secretary General, ISC
Mrs.SUN Yongge, Director of Bussiness Development Dept, ISC
 Mr.Charles Y.P.Huang,Deputy Secretary General, Taipei Computer Association
Mr.ZENG Mingfa, Deputy Secretary General, Organizing Committee
Mrs.YU Lijuan, Senior Deputy President, Tianya.cn
Signing the Co-operation MoU by ISC and TCA
The Strategy Partners