Chinese e-mail normalization finished

2011-03-24 10:52:58

March 15, 2011  

The Chinese e-mail standards have been basically completed, said Li Xiaodong, deputy director and chief engineer of the China National Network Information Center (CNNIC), on March 14.

The newly-finished international standards for Chinese e-mail addresses enable Chinese Internet users to surf the Internet with Chinese-language as well as send e-mails in purely Chinese texts.

The advantages of normalized Chinese emails were exemplified by Qian Hualin, chief scientist at the Computer Network Information Center under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

"When people asked for my e-mail address, I needed to repeatedly spell out the address, and it was easy to make mistakes. But now, if I tell others in Chinese and they know my name, the e-mail address will be very easy to remember," Qian said.

By Li Yancheng, People"s Daily Online