2011 China Internet Conference to be held in August in Beijing

2011-04-06 17:10:08

March 31st, Internet Society of China held the Press Conference to announce that the 2011 China Internet Conference to be held from August 23rd to 25th at Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, P.R.China.

We can see that China"s Internet industry has experienced ten years of rapid development with the economic boom of China. Encountering the impact of China entering into WTO, strike of globalization, challenge of financial crisis and difficulties of an imperfect market, China Internet industry has passed the tests of the age successfully. It has obtained great achievement and become a significant driving force to promoting economic growth and social development of China.

At the meantime, China Internet Conference has grown during the great change. The 1st China Internet Conference was held in Beijing in 2002 and the 10th will be held in 2011. Along with development of China"s Internet industry, China Internet Conference has witnessed its growth and expansion in the varying and unpredictable market and has developed to be one of the most influential Internet events in Asia-Pacific area.

The next ten years will be a great revolution and the one who leads the trend will obtain the first advantage in the market. With the theme of "Connecting China - Responsibility and Vitality ", 2011 China Internet Conference will continue to provide high-end communication platform for elites within or outside of this industry while further promoting exchange and cooperation among enterprises. We"ll do our best to work with all partners together to seek growth driving force and innovate opportunity in the varying environment and contribute to a prosperous Internet industry in the next decade in China.

More info please visit: http://cic.isc.org.cn/english/

Partners of 2011 China Internet Conference
Partners of 2011 China Internet Conference